FRAUD ALERT - Raymond Woods – 31.01.2024

We would like to bring to your attention a new fraudulent attempt. A person by the name of Raymond Woods is approaching potential companies, seemingly offering services on behalf of IMCI+. It's important to note that this individual is not a member of the IMCI+ Alliance or a director. Please exercise caution and remain vigilant regarding this name.


Bellow the original email from the client – in Spanish and translated into English.


Name: Juan Carlos

Surname: XXXX

Email: XXXXX

Message: Good morning, Mr. Modesto N Peña. I am writing to you because we have received an email from an individual named Mr. Raymond Woods offering the services of his esteemed company, and we would like to verify if this individual is associated with your company. We have clients interested in financing for the purchase of petroleum. Thank you very much.

Company: XXXX

Country: Spain

Subject Reference: Group Corporate

Date: 31/01/2024 10:46:12


Name: Juan Carlos

Surname: XXXX

Email: XXXXX

Message: Buenos días Sr. Modesto N Peña me dirijo a usted porque hemos recibimos un email de un Sr. llamado Raymond Woods ofreciéndonos los servicios de su estimada compañía y queríamos verificar si este Sr. es parte de su compañía, tenemos clientes interesados en financiación para la compra de petróleo. Muchas gracias.

Company: XXXX

Country: Spain

Subject Reference: Group Corporate

Date: 31/01/2024 10:46:12

Fraud Warning 11.01.2024

Fraud Warning 11.01.2024

IMCI+ Black-List

IMCI+ Group International GmbH, warns of cooperating and engaging with the following people and entities, being black-listed at IMCI+ Group International Gmbh. This list is not speculative but based on factual evidence, with documentation, and internal and external claim registrations.



  • Sedat Temiz, Turkish citizen
  • Onur Ustunoglu, Turkish citizen



Misuse of the IMCI+ brands, names, and roles, signing in non-authorized formats, signing unlawful agreements with clients, asking for upfront fees outside the IMCI+ Protocol, bypassing partners, manipulation of information and acting fraudulent toward different partners and clients. Further, using bank accounts, referring to IMCI+ Group International GmbH, as fiduciary and depository agents, for collecting client fees, and promising services under the IMCI+ Brand.



Documentation, emails, payment protocols from clients, agreements, and partner testimonies.


Report to Interpol:

In process.


January 2023

We warn the business community and clients, of the announcement submitted to IMCI+, by one of our clients in Brazil.

First, the person visible on the announcement, Mr Roger DaSilva (most probably Brazil), is not a member of the IMCI+.

Second, he is using the Holding Logo, giving the perception of representing IMCI+ Group.  

Please check or contact <> if the person providing similar proposals are a registered member.

All certified members are visible on the IMCI+ Alliance. With full name and picture.

Please never send any documentation without a signed NCNDA from the IMCI+ Group Intl. and its divisions. Never pay upfront fees or any fees, which are not stipulated in agreements signed by an officially registered Sr Management Team members.


01.01.2022 - General Information and Legal Disclaimer for fighting fraud

Dear business community

We would like to make attentive to the subject of "misuse" of the role and brand, for harming members of the IMCI+ Alliance and clients. From people pretending being members of the IMCI+, or in rare cases from certain potential IMCI+ Alliance members.

In order to protect clients and stakeholders, we are sharing legal components known to the IMCI+ Alliance members, which we believe should be known by our clients or related stakeholders.

 Never pay any upfront fees or fees, which are not agreed with an official agreement of the IMCI+ Group International GmbH, Zürich and signed by one of the directors, registered in the Swiss and Cantonal Register.

Board of Directors and Sr Mgte team as per 01.01.2022

Modesto Peña Gorrin, single signature

Pedro Gard Brito, dual signature

Pablo Jarabo, dual signature

Katia Cicala, dual signature

Subject: Directors / Principals / Financial Services Directors / Associate Partners 

These roles are linked to seniority and experience and not to the signing authority.

Any legal binding documentation (NCNDA, agreement, Protocol, JV, service provision, Financial Service Agreement and similar), must always be signed by one the legally registered officers and directors.

Any Director, Financial Service Director, Principal, Managing Partner,  AP or member of the APCP Team or Associate who would use his role, our brand and logo, for introducing him or herself to a potential client, referring as a member of the IMCI organization, HQ's or Rep Office, using our brand connected to our divisions, or services, asking and receiving money, pre-payments, engaging legally under the name of IMCI+ and its brands, or Rep Offices, obtaining funds or involving any structured financial instruments – trading instruments – offering advisory services – or any deals linked to our business model

  1. NOT agreed with an officer of the Sr Mgt Team and Directors
  2. Having presented to the clients any documentation, under the IMCI+ label, for obtaining any financial benefits, avoiding delivering the IMCI+ margin, or avoiding compensating any third-party associates
  3. Using own companies at the moment of invoicing

IMCI+ Group International Gmbh / LLC would consider this a break of the Agreements, General Terms, NCNDA, and the Code of Conduct.  In consequence, we will immediately stop the cooperation, blacklist the person on our websites and inform Interpol, further, we will contact the clients and third parties.

Subject: Rep Offices / Financial Service Directors / Non-Executive Directors

  1. Rep Offices or Financial Service Directors or NED of the current structure are not allowed to submit or engage in any legally binding correspondence or engagement using the IMCI brand, structure, and with the given role at IMCI.  Except agreed in writing with IMCI HQ's and respecting our business model and protocol of working.
  2. They are not allowed to ask for pre-payments or release any invoicing.  Not from the client, and not from any IMCI+ Members.
  3. Not use our structure, brand, and services, for generating
  4. Any deal, or project, must be sealed by an NCNDA signed with an Officer of the IMCI+ Organization.
  5. In any client discussions with clients and stakeholders, a member of the Senior Management team must be involved at the earliest stage, which means after the first introduction meeting.

Fraud Attempt in 2017

There have been several fraud attempts targeting IMCI, our clients, or potential clients which have been structured around misusing the name of our Firm, our Partners, or our Branding. 

In 2017, we also have experienced a defamation and fraud attempt, through a so-called “scam warning site, under an anonymous posting. The editor was invited in January 2018 to join us in person at our costs at a partner and client meeting and to present any evidence of fraud or related to the accusations done. The editor did not follow this invite. More, we have been receiving distorting calls to pay money to retrieve this posting. This file as all other scam and fraud attempts is at the police.

We have received emails recently written in English and also in German requesting company information, business plans, and KYC information. These criminals are using emails with the initials of our company similar to the ones shown below

We have taken the necessary legal steps and notified the British authorities and Interpol and we will not hesitate to prosecute to the full extent of the law anyone we find involved in such activities. We urgently request you to follow the following protocol:

1) Please confirm all emails received and sent officially come from an account, ending in domain name e.g.

2) Never send any confidential or business information upon an email request, to a person, you do not know, have not seen, and is not identified as a member of IMCI.

3) Only authorized IMCI members (associates and partners) are allowed to present IMCI services to you.

4) In the aspect of Project Finance, IMCI will request you to forward us a pre-qualification file, along with having signed an NCNDA with one key and authorized officer. Never send any further KYC, money, or confidential information in advance. 

5) Request to always have a video call with a recognized and visible IMCI officer, before signing any legally binding information and or entering any funds transfer operation. 

6) Only IMCI Directors will sign any legally binding documentation.

7) IMCI Partners and Management Team members always sign with one of the Directors. Please check our brochure and website.

8) Invoices are sent from one of our Executive Directors and illustrate always a reference to an agreement or mandate.

9) Never send any funds in advance or make any upfront fees, without any legal basis and previous face-to-face meetings, and normal business correspondence.

If you are not sure – we recommend you to

- Request a confirmation by an official IMCI officer, eventually also a video call.
- Ask for a copy of the passport, ID, business card, KYC
- Ask always to have some correspondence with an official IMCI email account

And or contact and, providing us with any correspondence, documentation, proposal, invoice or relevant information.