The Need for a Comprehensive Compliance Audit in the Final Phase of a Project or Corporate Finance Transaction

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Legal Considerations and Implication of Long Terms Loans

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The Importance of Legal Compliance in Ensuring Integrity and Stability in the Financial Services Industry.

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Why project finance makes sense for investor?

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What may cause payment defaults for project and corporate finance loans?

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What influences the decline of a project finance request?

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The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Analysis

Modesto N Peña y Gorrin, 28 June, 2024


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Türkiye's Defense Industry: Forging Ahead with Innovation and Determination

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The sale and purchase agreement (SPA): what should it contain?

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Understanding the Divide: Project Finance vs. Trading - Matching Banks with the Right Investment Strategies

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The Evolving Landscape: ESG and the Future of Finance

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The Financial Planning

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Indigenous Africans Should Have More Say in Determining Africa Risk

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Technologies That Enable Digital Transformation For The Finance Sector

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Enhancing Investment in Africa: The Role of Transaction Coverage Guarantee in De-risking Capital Deployment

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Integrantig Artificial Intelligence in the Qualitative Evaluation of Financing Metrics

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Project Finance Vs Corporate Finance Approach to Finance Projects

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Use of Project Finance for loans and credits

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Use of Corporate Finance for obtaining financing and loans

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Julio Morales, January 2020

How to finance your project

A practical guideline, March 2019

Exploring the Solid Mineral Deposit in Nigeria

Obinna Uchegbu, December 2018

Blockchain Technology implications for the Future of Financial Services

Emmanuel Musa Samdi, November 2018

Why are Companies sold?

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Business Plan - Why you need one

I wish to share with you, some essence of my almost 20 years experience editing and evaluating business plans.
Sure, you can learn it at the MBA school or during our higher education. There are more or less similar
structures on the market. However the experience, the “feeling”, the first “impression”, the reading between
the lines, is something you need to walk. I wish to thank herewith all my clients. They were my best teachers.

Nelson M Peña, February 2018

18 reasons for opening your business in Switzerland

Are you thinking to move your headquarter to Europe?
Are you looking to establish your business in one of the most competitive countries of the world?

Nelson M Peña, August 2017

Financing African Infrastructure through Public Private Partnership

Africa today has made significant progress in its effort to provide investment friendly environment, It has made progress in creating political stability.

Emmanuel Musa Sandi, August 2017

What is the value of a Business Coach

Coach, meaning personal private tuition, was originally university slang. Business coaching is the act of providing support and advice to an individual or group in order to help them recognize, understand and construct ways in wich they can improve the effectiveness and impact of their business, working, communication and leadership.

Nelson M Peña, August 2017

Valuation Services

The value of any sevice depends mainly on two things: future profits and the risks associated with such profits.

Nelson M Peña, August 2017

Revenue collection from electronic devices that evade customs

Many emerging market economies are fraught with weak institutions, coupled with corruption and lack of transparency in revenue collection. Many electronic devices are imported into countries, with little or no duty bieng pais, by importers bribing Custom officials and paying minimum duty or outright smuggling.

Sanya Soyannwo, August 2017

How important is having an independent out outside director in your board

What is an independent or outside director? Usually it is a member of a company's board of directors who was broght in from outside the company. The independent outside director has not worked with the company for a period time, he or she is an existing manager and is generally not tied to the company's existing way of doing business.

Nelson M Peña, August 2017